Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Recipe Today...

I've been traveling for a while, so I haven't been cooking much lately, but I have been scouring the Interwebs for new stuff to make once I get back home. You should definitely check back here in a week or two for some new stuff that I'm planning to make.

I don't want to post the recipes here without testing them first in my own kitchen, but just know that lots of them are sounding really yummy to me.

For the time being though, since I haven't shared anything in a while, I'll give you an idea of some things I've been eating in the past week.

AJ at Skyline...

Mmmmmmm. So yummy!

When we were in Ohio, AJ and I went to Skyline Chili (which for me, is a big treat, because we don't have any of them in Hometown, USA).

If you're ever in Ohio, go here.

Mmm. Salty Caramel for me and Wildberry Lavender for AJ.

We also went to Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream while we were in Ohio and got some of the most delicious ice cream I've ever eaten. When I told my Aunt we were going, her eyes got all big! Then when we got back, she had found an article about Jeni's in a magazine and tore it out for me. The article included a base recipe that Jeni's ice cream is made from. You can bet that as soon as I get home I'm going to test it out and then blog about it here, so you definitely want to stick around a few days!

Yummy pizza.

We've also had some Hometown, USA pizza, and several homemade meals as well. Tonight I'm making my Martha Stewart's Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms for dinner.

And that folks, is where I'm at right now. I promise there are fun things coming up, just nothing in the next week or so. I should be home a week from today, so mid-week next week should bring new and exciting recipes to this blog. See you then!

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